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Company Profile

President’s Greetings

TLA A Team of Pioneers Leading a Creative Way in the Expertise of Landscape Architecture
President, representative director Haruto Kobayashi

TLA, established on June 11th, 1968, is a team of experts who properly understand relationship between human and nature on its aspect of science and art. We have been challenging to create landscape comprehensively coordinated with nature and to manage them.

Our goal is to create environmental culture itself, which ideally promotes this social movement to improve our environment and culture with help of active involvement of broad range of specialists and local communities and residents. More than 40 years, we have been working on landscape design under this coherent idea. TLA have been training a number of talented professionals in many different area, and we have continuously been accumulating many know-how on our group.

In particular, with a perspective of green environment management, we will continuously work even harder with educational institutions, governments, local residents, and NPOs on various ways to facilitate vitality of local communities, including but not limited to restoration of green environment and its utilization, and development of an effective agricultural system to secure food safety.

Internationally, there are many countries in Asia seeking for our creative ideas and experience for planning and designing. Furthermore, an interest in culture regarding Japanese gardens has been continuously growing in many countries in Europe and United States. We promise will to continuously challenge to new areas in landscape, while educating new professionals to pass our current knowledge and expertise.

President, representative director
Haruto Kobayashi

Personal History

  • 1961: Tokyo University of Agriculture, Department Landscape Architecture
  • 1961: Government worker, Department of engineering works technology
  • 1968: Founder/ President, representative director, Tokyo Landscape Architects,Inc.


  • Professional Engineer, Civil Engineering (Urban & Regional Planning) #6576
  • Qualified Park Administrator #060407


  • 1972: Prize of JILA(Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture), Design Category
  • 1972: Grand Prize of Landscape in Tokyo University of Agriculture
  • 1991: Prize of Park & Open space Association of Japan, Kitamura-Prize
  • 1993: Prize of Parks and open space association, Chief of city bureau Prize
  • 1995: Medal with Yellow Ribbon
  • 1997: Prize of Parks and open space Association of Japan, Sato-Prize, Category of international cultural exchange
  • 2001: Urban Greening service Award
  • 2007: The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette
  • 2009: JILA(Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture), Keiji Uehara-Prize

Social activities

  • Special Advisor to the Consultants of Landscape Architecture in Japan
  • Honorary vice-president, The Landscape Institute in UK
  • Honorary member, Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture
  • President, Qualified Park Administrator 
  • Group Leader, East Japan "Hana-sakasetai"

Literary works

  • Landscape Design, volume 1 to 3, Riko Tosho, 1994
  • "Sekkei" – Idea and it’s development, Marumo Publishing Co.,Ltd.,1996
  • Architectural Design Data Corpus, volume 5, a co-author, Maruzen Publishing Co., Ltd.
  • An outline of Landscape Architecture, volume 3, co-author, Gihodo Shuppan Co., Ltd., 1998
  • Handbook of Landscape Architecture, co-author, Gihodo Shuppan Co., Ltd., 1978

Company Profile

Tokyo Landscape Architects, Inc.
Board member
Haruto KOBAYASHI, President and representative director
Shin KOBAYASHI, Executive vice president
Masataka SHIBATA, Executive vice president
Toshihiro AOSHIMA, Director
Koichi MURASAKI, Director
Kazuhiko MAKIHATA, Auditor
June 11th, 1968
As a group of designer who remedy the earth in 21th century, we all contribute to the landscape design together.
  1. The Japan Civil engineering consultant, Department of Landscape architecture, Urban planning, Regional planning
  2. Qualified architect of the first class
  3. Registered survey business
– Japanese Society of Landscape Architects
– Consultants of Landscape Architecture In Japan
– Parks & Open Space Association of Japan


Tokyo Office (Headquarters)

Evergrace Bldg. 1F, 1-4-3 Honmachi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0071, Japan
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